The Go! Team: Rolling Blackouts

Rolling Blackouts is the third album by Brighton collective The Go! Team and it’s absolutely more of the same: a glorious mash-up of cheerleader-style chants, hip-hop and Motown beats, big, chunky authoritative-sounding keyboard riffs that sound like themes to lost 70s kids’ TV shows and melodies that go straight to your pleasure centres. The only difference is that it’s possibly a bit better produced this time. Apart from the almostly obscenely hooky lead single Buy Nothing Day I haven’t got a clue what any of these songs are called and if you told me that they’d already released them on their first two records I wouldn’t question it, but that’s all a bit beside the point when you feel the sheer physical effect of this album – it’s like snorting lucozade and sherbet in a spin drier. I’ve been playing this incessantly in the kitchen for the last couple of weeks with the effect that every member of my household has started involuntarily dancing like a maniac. Happy happy music.


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